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63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.
Source: survey

4-8 x

Live chat can generate 4-8 x more leads from your website.
Source: Kissmetrics: How Live Chat Can Maximize Conversions


35%+ of sales go to the first company to respond to a lead.
Source: InsideSales Lab 2016 Response Audit Report
Live Chat is amazing. I didn’t expect it to deliver as many leads as it has. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the lead quality too.
Ravi Merhas
Immigration Lawyer

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We create the software, get it added to your website and then work with you to create the script for the operator to use. We then send you the transcript for every chat immediately via email so that you can follow it up. It couldn’t be more simple!

24/7 Live Chat Means
You Don’t Lose
Potential Customers

Our skilled operators engage with every visitor. We then capture their contact details & send you a full transcript the minute the chat has ended so that you can follow up. It’s superb for weekend & evening cover as customers will still visit your website!
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Live Chat presents you as a far more efficient business & builds trust with potential customers. It’s a perfect solution for a small business where you are always on the move and can’t take calls every few minutes.