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50% of consumers do business with the company that calls back first.


It costs 5-7x more to get a new customer than it does to keep one.
Source: Social Annex


62% of SMBs don’t know if their marketing works.
Source: MarketingLand

Why Email Marketing?

  • The DMA report in 2018 says that email marketing is just as important today, as ever.  The report illustrates a return of approximately £30 for every £1 spent.
  • Email has evolved and with the impact of powerful automation strategies, we can use email marketing to greater effect today.
  • Challenges to email marketing implementation for a business include:
    • GDPR – it’s not yet clear what the overall impact is
    • Inability to AB test – enough marketers are not AB Testing their strategies
    • Used often for Sales but overlooked for Nurturing & Converting leads
    • Key benefits of automation – retention, branding & increasing conversions
  • Relevance, which became crucial to SEO a few years ago appears to be just as important when using email marketing today in this interesting new trend.
  • While email marketing ROI is hard to calculate, those who do, according to the DMA 2018 report, say that the returns are actually increasing.

  • We can set up email automation marketing campaigns.  These campaigns are a powerful tool for nurturing leads or even lapsed clients and will help to convert more over time. The great advantage is that leads have once been written off, are still being nurtured over time and you generate additional sales on the back of the campaign that quietly works in the background, alongside your other marketing strategies.

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