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The Cloud – Why does it matter?

For those in digital, this is already common practice but just to give an example to those who do not work in IT or digital. Here is the best way to demonstrate the benefits (I shall resist going into long explanations of what it is & how it works – in short – it’s saving [...]

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Google is king here, along with Facebook. However, IBMs Watson also offers its own analytics tool. Imagine what can be achieved with that kind of computational power? Google AdWords already employs algorithms to automatically run ad campaigns while making the optimisation process automatic. This used to be the job of teams of marketing analysts. Big [...]

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Middle Management will slowly vanish

Big Data will eliminate the need for middle managers to make decisions. The statistical & computational power of big data systems will provide real-time & useful information before a middle-level manager would even know he needs it. Clerical & skilled analysts will be replaced by algorithmically ascertained information which will be accurate and cost effective [...]

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Media & AI – Journalism & Blogging?

Narrative Science is a company that employs powerful technology, which allows for the creation of articles via automation, rather than the traditional journalism approach. Forbes is among the companies to employ this technology. When the co-founder of this technology was asked to predict the percentage of news articles that would be algorithmically written within 15 [...]

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Driverless Cars / Trucks & Automotive

Google, Uber & Tesla are all at the forefront of the driverless vehicle concept. This has already been proven & it’s just a matter of time before they supersede the present model of having to drive your own vehicle. Tesla’s tweet in April 2016 speaks for itself: Over 47M miles driven on Autopilot, the more [...]

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Amazon employs over 37,000 Robots. 37,000. They are on the verge of employing an army of drones to deliver. In the USA, in one example, a famous chain of chemists was able to predict women’s pregnancy, based on analysing their spending habits (big data). They were then targeted with pregnancy related ads, even before some [...]

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Man v Machines

Professor Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk, among other great minds talk about their worry of the “singularity”. This is a point at which computer & AI become so advanced that they are able to out-think human minds & there is no going back. It sounds like sci-fi but Gary Kasparov was beaten by IBMs Deep [...]

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The Rise of the Robots

I was waiting at Waterloo train station. I went straight towards Foyles, the bookstore. I did my usual browsing of the latest titles. Among them, biographies, of business titans discussing how they made their fortunes. Rather more nauseatingly, TV celebrities writing autobiographies. We all know it’s massively important to know how the mind of a [...]

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