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Whether it’s search engines, display, or social media advertising- our digital marketing solutions will provide you with real results. Your increased number of leads will help build your brand, by advertising to local consumers; whilst they’re surfing the internet, using search engines, and engaging on social media sites.

Search Engine Advertising

Your ads will be placed on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing with our search engine advertising service. We will create campaigns that are not only high in quality, but optimised via the combination of digital marketing experts and industry leading technology. The result? More sales for your company.

Facebook Advertising

A powerful, all-inclusive Facebook advertising service, TheIMCs drives tangible results, meets your business goals, and builds your brand cost-effectively. Allow us to choose the perfect marketing program and audience targeting tactics to help you generate more Facebook engagement, leads, and general brand awareness- all with your budget and targets in mind. Your Facebook-certified marketing expert will manage your campaign, optimise your adverts and attract higher audience interaction, at great value for money.


Retaining consumers’ attention is key whilst they’re visiting your website, as not all of them are going to be ‘ready to buy’. With this in mind, TheIMCs presents your display ads amongst consumers who have visited your website before, as well as amongst those who share similar characteristics and browsing preferences as your ‘target customer’. This method of expanding your business’s reach with search retargeting and ‘lookalike’ options will enable you to focus on the right clients and develop your brand on popular websites and mobile applications.

Display Advertising

TheIMCs helps to develop your business’s brand awareness on popular entertainment, news, sports, and speciality websites including Facebook; as we understand the importance of brand promotion both online and offline. Not only this, but to ensure that you’re communicating with the ‘right’ audience in the ‘right’ manner, we also offer creative banner ad design and audience targeting options.

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You need an easy way to track your leads and turn them into customers. Our Platform does just that, so you can make the most of every opportunity to grow your business.

Lead Management & Response

Manage your leads effortlessly and respond quickly.  Through The IMCs Platform, you can review leads, listen to calls, and take action like classifying the lead, adding notes, or tagging the lead for follow up.

Simple Marketing Automation

Stay engaged with your leads automatically. With simplified marketing automation tools, you can send marketing emails to prospects or alert your staff to new leads, all so you can close more sales.

Clear Marketing Analytics

Know which of your marketing works best. Our Platform track the calls, emails, chats, and form fills from all your marketing and shows you the results, so you see exactly what’s getting you leads.

SEO Services

A competently managed SEO service that broadens your exposure in search engines, TheIMCs SEO places accurate information about your business on the internet, consistently. This helps you drive more traffic, through local listings and regular search results.

Responsive Website & Lead Conversion Software

Your customised website will be designed with all the consumer’s needs and preferences in mind. Including informative and useful content, accessible contact information, and a professional and mobile-responsive design. Not only will this create a striking first impression on all devices, it will be easily found on search results and make it straight-forward for consumers to contact you.

Web Presence & Content Marketing

A strong and consistent web presence is pivotal to your business’s online success. Which is why we provide a professional service that builds your brand on search engines, social media sites, review sites, and local directories. Your Digital Marketing Manager will help you drive more traffic and engagement with your target audience, by working with you to create articles and infographics, curate relevant content and then help publish it onto all your blogging platforms and social media pages. What’s better is that we also monitor the web and keep you updated about new comments and reviews, encourage you to respond and ultimately, elevate your online reputation.

Live Chat

Our handy chat widget provides you with an easy way to interact with new website visitors and collect their contact information for future follow-ups. This service is perfect if you need an alternative contact method or after-hours monitoring, as our 24-hour live chat specialists ensure that no website is ever left behind. This is just the boost your website needs, to convert more visitors into leads.

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