New Customers
For Your Business

We deliver phone calls & online enquiries. You judge us on results & not pointless traffic or impressions.

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Digital Marketing

Does Your Website

Does your website deliver new customers regularly? Too many websites look good but are not designed to convert.

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Campaign Calls
Recorded For Playback

You can listen to your calls & get access to powerful information (phone number, call times, spend & results)

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Digital Advertisting
  • PPC & Content Creation

  • Display & Retargeting – Banner Creation & Ads

  • Social – Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Live Chat – Fully Managed Chat Solutions

  • Automation – Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

  • Websites – Design, Development & Optimised for Conversion

Whether it’s search engines, display or social media advertising – our digital marketing solutions will provide you with real results. The increased number of leads will help build your brand by advertising to local consumers; whilst they’re surfing the internet, using search engines & engaging on social media sites.

Key Insights

The ability to measure your campaign success is our primary goal. This requires accurate analytics along with the ability to optimise based on
conversions & not just clicks. We work closely with Google, Facebook & Microsoft Bing to drive enquiries to you.  We then record every
single phone call, email, form fill, purchase, donation or other activity.

This way, you will always know what you’re getting back. You can then use this data to calculate your return on investment (ROI).

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Lead Management & Response

Manage your leads effortlessly & respond quickly. Through our dashboard, you can review leads, listen to calls and take action like classifying the lead, adding notes or tagging the lead for follow up.

Simple Marketing Automation

Nurture leads automatically. With automation, you send marketing emails to lists of potential customers.  The emails that receive a click trigger a tailored response, geared to that person with that specific enquiry.  It’s designed to bring the sale closer & can be repeated as many times as required.  You can set up different emails for different subjects, each of which requires a tailored reply.

This is all done automatically & presents your business as a slick, well oiled machine.  Ultimtely, it nurtures & helps close leads automatically, like a silent salesman working in the background.

Simple Dashboard Analytics

Our sophisticated platform tracks all incoming leads: phone calls, emails, chats & form fills from your marketing campaigns with us.  We then provide a simple dashboard that shows results in a clear & easy-to-understand summary.  You get 100% clarity on where your budget is being spent & what is working for your business.

We provide an easy way to generate & track leads.  You then turn them into customers.

I was running the Google Ads myself when I met IMCS Media Ltd. As well as running my own business, it takes a lot of time. Often, I was achieving good traffic but that didn’t always translate into new business.
Since they took over, I now have time to focus more on the main business and I’m also enjoying a better quality of lead. It takes time and patience but they work closely with me and I’m more than happy to recommend them. It’s a 5-star service!

Matthew Roberts, MD MR Drains Ltd

The IMCs Media Ltd have always delivered. We knew Shamus prior to IMCS Media Ltd and he has consistently backed up his sales pitch with results.
We’re a SME in a competitive market. We take comfort from being able to communicate with IMCS Media Ltd with ease, meaning updates to our campaigns or strategy changes are implemented quickly and efficiently. There are many digital/web marketing agencies out there but too often we hear of disappointment from poor results. IMCS Media Ltd understand our company’s goals and ensure the campaigns hit the targets. No hard sale or corporate jargon. More the helping hand and relationship a SME need.
They get 5* from us and we often recommend them.

Lester Barnard